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Cutting Loose!!!

I see a lot of people who worry about the logistics of wearing hair and going on vacation. I hear you! Gone are the days where you pack a toothbrush and an extra pair of undies!

But seriously girls it dose not have to be much more complicated than that! No one and I mean NO ONE has perfect vacation hair! Boats, beaches and swimming pools are a recipe for dry and frizzy hair. Keeping your hair moisturized and under control is no different from trying to keep your own head of hair from becoming a giant knot of frizzy, split ends! So what do i recommend? Conditioner and lots of it. A good quality leave in conditioner and and a deep conditioning mask like those that are offered in the Moroccan line of products. 

Pack a hat, pack a bandanna and pack a great adhesive THEN just relax and have a good time.

In the sun i almost always wear a hat. I am at an age where i am conscience about sun on my face and as an added bonus this keeps my hair from getting too much sun exposure. IT keeps my hair from being in my face all day and gives me some protection against the wind as well. With so many hats on the market they can be both stylish and functional !!! 

On the days where i am not in the mood for a hat, I will wear a scarf or bandanna. There are so many ways to wear a bandanna where it can offer you added wind and sun protection. Google this girls!! you will soon realize that a scarf or bandanna is one of the easiest additions to your suitcase!! 

I do go out of my way to avoid the chlorinated water in the pool. I add a leave in conditioner before i go out and if i am going for the day i may even add some coconut oil or the heavy conditioning mask and put my hair up into a bun. The added bonus is that by the time I get back to the shower and rinse, I have wonderfully soft conditioned hair! 

I often take extra clips and bobby pins with me so that instead of fighting the curls and waves I just let my hair do what it will and clip it away from my face. Beachy wavy hair is sexy and easy! 

For those extra active vacations where i am surfing and sailing, exposing to myself to underwater crashes and high winds... Simple!  I would consider a hard bond. Yes this means that you will not be removing your hair at the end of the day, but it also means you will not be chasing it across the deck or down the beach! There is a lot to be said about the hard bonds available out there and honestly its not as hard as it looks. Thin lines of bond are added to the perimeter of your wig and on your hairline and the unit will stay put for your entire vacation.  Acetone removes the adhesive when you are done and can be carried with you in small amounts. Hard bonds give you added freedom. No worrying about the wind or water exposure. They tend to not break down in water and give you a hurricane proof hold! With a lace front unit you have a flawless hairline, add a hard bond adhesive and you have a worry free head of hair. 

One of the best things that i realized over the years..... Imperfect hair is way more believable! So let your hair down and just cut loose and have fun!!!! 





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