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Hand Tied Wigs

What is a hand Tied Wig?

 When you begin your journey in choosing a wig, one of the terms you will come across is ‘Hand Tied cap.’ You will soon realize that not only do you have to consider the hair or hair fiber you are selecting, but the cap construction and hair attachment method as well. You should always consider the inside of the wig (the cap construction) as much as the outside (hair / hair fiber).  If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, then you need to be searching for hand tied wigs

Soooo What are Hand Tied Wigs?

Hand tied wigs can be made with either synthetic or human hair. The difference is in the cap construction.  Creating a hand tied wig is a laborious and intensive process and this is the reason they are generally more expensive to buy.  It takes days to create one of these wigs. Each hair strand, or fibre is individually knotted into a soft, mesh cap by hand.  The individual knotting allows the hair to move freely in all directions, which mimics the way hair grows from your scalp and delivers a realistic movement and flow to the hair on your wig.

Although the process of creating hand tied wigs is laborious and time consuming, the benefits to the wearer are amazing!!! Hand tied wigs offer a more realistic appearance. There are no wefts and there is no mechanical stitching. This means that, even up close, the cap is invisible!!! The wind can blow and you can run your hands through this type of wig and switch up your style without a care in the world, as there are no wefts to expose.

The mesh cap on a hand tied wig is light and comfortable to wear and helps your scalp to breathe during day-to-day wear. This cap design makes hand tied wigs cooler than many other cap constructions including wefted wigs. The lower density of the cap construction also contributes in creating a more realistic look as it mimics the appearance of the scalp. As a wig wearer, the most beneficial feature that you will notice is this superior comfort level. There are no seams or wefts in the construction of the hand tied wigs, so it will be ultra-soft, and incredibly luxurious.



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